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Sexy Thongs for sexy Women.



Gstring sexy with Marquise in Love

An essential motivation that grabs the heart of every woman is to both look and FEEL sexy. Sexymarquise sends a boost to your beauty by bringing the sensual French lingerie Marquiese in Love. Crafted with the most daring, quality materials Marquise in Love can transform you into the woman you've always dreamed of being. Confidence, beauty and excitement can be yours. Grab the outfit you desire, whether that be a modest look or something more bold and daring. Marquise in Love has something for you.

Get Your Glam Chic Thong in Opened or Closed Versions From Marquise In Love..

A Stunning Thong You Can't Live Without
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Royalty at it's finest! Marquise in Love takes great pride in everything the designer set's it's hands to create. Our closed and open mini thongs are made from the finest French materials and are indicative of the finest luxury lingerie, quickly becoming one of the most popular
g-strings in America. Marquise introduces two gorgeous new thongs, the Open Sexy Glam Mini Thong and the Closed Glam Chic style thongs, expertly crafted in French embroidered tulle and adorned with 3 rosettes made of organza and satin, beautifully finished with the Swarovski crystal. On each side of the hip, two butterflies- and in the back the same design with a beautiful Swarovski crystal in the middle! You will love this new thong- it's a resplendent treasure of French luxury to be certain!

For every purchase of a Marquise in Love set or g-strings, the product will be wrapped in embossed silk paper and in a beautiful gift box

Gorgeous and Glamorous Lingerie- Simply Divine French G-Strings

Mini string ouvert corail imperial mini string ferm� Divine

Mini String Open or Closed- Style Divine

mini string Divine ouvert
Mini string Divine ouvert et ferm�

Isn't love divine? When you just look into those eyes and see yourself in another person, the two of you becoming one. It happens in an instant and Marquise in Love wants you to be prepared for that amazing day, with sexy lingerie that is simply irresistible.

Marquise in Love
The Divine Mini G-String is perfect for those unforgettable moments of passion and delight. Those moments when he notices everythng. The way you look, the way you smell- what you're wearing.. Go prepared for something special by wearing a beautiful, exceptional g-string from Marquise in Love.

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